I got out of the WH, and yes my geddon may still be parked up 52 jumps away but hey! It may prove handy one day…

So the moros pilot had stayed in the WH, waiting for an exit and lo and behold one appeared.
(Actually that’s a blatant lie he had to probe for it.)

I offered my services as cyno.. I mean how bad could it be?????

 Please click the player to commence music before reading any further.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to facilitate the dreadnaught’s return home.

The Wormhole has an exit into null security space.

The exit is into a region of Fethabolis  UTDH-N.

First cyno is required in the region of Tenerifis location Q5KZ-W.
Second Cyno is required in the region of Immensea location 08-N7Q.
Third Cyno is required in the region of Curse location V7D-JD.
Fouth Cyno is required in the region of Great Wildlands location U3K-4A.
Fifth Cyno is required in the region of Molden Heath location CLASSIFIED.

Good luck….. this message will not self destruct…. tho your Pod might have to if you die doing the first cyno…..

So the WH exited into Fethabolis only 77 jumps away HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY.

Getting a cyno ship 77 jumps thru hostile space seemed well HARSH.

But I realised the WH also jumped to a C3 which had a static highec so probes were launched and the highsec entrance was found 18 jumps away in sinq liason.

21 jumps later I am in fethabolis \o/

For the purpose of this mission I decided my best chance was to fit a covert ops thus allowing me to travel between the cyno spots as safely as one can in nullsec. It was obviously a little more pricey than a frigate but for some stupid reason my brain wasn’t working and I assumed I was actually dropping a covert cyno and thus would only need 50 liquid ozone per cyno, thus this meant I could carry all the fuel I needed in one ship and the cloak seemed like a plan.

So the route to the first cyno system was completely empty upon arrival in the target system  I was greeted immediately by the locals.

[ 2011.06.07 19:57:44 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Q5KZ-W Local Channel
[ 2011.06.07 20:00:37 ] Tatomi > hi dude
[ 2011.06.07 20:00:55 ] Tatomi > what are y looking for?
[ 2011.06.07 20:01:46 ] Tan mie > came thru a wh ^^
[ 2011.06.07 20:02:00 ] Tan mie > just having a look, never been to nullsec :)
[ 2011.06.07 20:02:09 ] Tatomi > nice

There were 5 people in local so it was decided if the cyno was to survive best drop it in an empty system so we didn’t draw any unnecessary attention.
I went back to the previous system waited a few moments found an empty moon to make it look like the cyno was at a pos and dropped the cyno.
 Dread jumped in logged off all was good. Cyno went down I was still alive \o/

I was also out of fuel because it wasn’t a covert cyno it was a normal cyno


Not to worry only 17 jumps back to the WH fly thru to the c3, 4 jumps to Dodixie grab my fuel and maybe some cargo expanders, only needed enough for 2 cynos as I was sure every station in curse sold ozone and I knew it would be really cheap there as well, oh yes this is going to be great!!! Now with the 21 jumps to the next cyno system that means a quick trip of only 69 jumps ……*!%^#

WHY do I get myself into these situations?

I started the trip back to the WH thanking my foresight to bookmark the gates in them. Upon arrival in the UTDH-N I realised something.
Memories of “nope, not bookmarking that cause never want to see another wormhole again EVA” as I hit warp flashed thru my mind.
 In my haste and being so gloriously overjoyed to be free of Wormholes and back into normal space I had sped to the outgate without bookmarking the exit.

Luckily the prober was still in the wormhole and gallantly came to my rescue
…. so skip forwards about an hr well 1 hr 47 minutes to be precise (I checked the logs)
Empty system drop cyno number 2, dread jumps logs all is well, 5 minutes left on cyno local goes up by 1. I check out the pilot, a member of stain empire, I catch a glimpse of a raptor on scan.
I close my eyes and wait for imminent death, I then realise I can’t see my overview so I open them again and he jumps out!!!
4 minutes left on the cyno….
With just over 1 minute left of the cyno the raptor pilot re-enters system, he has brought 2 friends with him as obviously tales of my “hero hobgoblin of DOOMZ” has reached this part of the eve universe so he obviously needed much backup to kill my little helios. A tengu and a cynabal to be precise.

I tried to make friends with them

[ 2011.06.07 21:47:58 ] Tan mie > dont shoot blue alt

But I think they got confused because they shot me anyway.

My helios hull put up a massive fight against the torrential onslaught from all three ships unfortunately my ship exploded  too quickly and only the cynabel managed to get a killmail.

I got my pod out tho!!!

 Now only 17 more jumps to curse and well….. I was going to buy more fuel there anyway  may as well grab a new ship whilst I am at it.

I could say the next 17 jumps were uneventful as I encountered no one on my journey there….. but there is nothing uneventful about being in a pod in nullsec never knowing what you are about to jump into.

Luckily I got to curse unhindered. I purchased a sturdy rifter, fuel and cyno all from the same system, the person selling the fuel obviously thought selling it in the same station as where the cyno generators were sold would just be way TOO obvious.

Soon™ Cyno number 3 was completed, also the dread pilot had managed to get his alt into GW to drop the next cyno so once cyno #3 was down I was free to go home.

Only 23 jumps in a rifter would be home in no time.
Unfortunately a sabre pilot in 7Q-8Z2 had other plans for my rifter

But my pod survived again \o/

And I decided that I didn’t want to jump into khabi anyway and turned around and headed for B-VIP.
Eventually I arrived back in my home system happy with the knowledge the dread had also made it home safely as did his cyno punisher.

Jump points Summary:
From home system to WH – 18
WH to nullsec space – 3
Fethabolis to first cyno – 17
Back again for fuel – 48
To deathtarps cyno #2 – 21
To cyno #3 – 21
To tragic rifter death – 14
To home and freedom – 18

Total # of jump loyalty points = 139
The dread pilot was very kind and traded my jump loyalty points for a fully t2 fitted Vagabond.
And we all lived happily ever after  THE END.

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  1. Seriously, Aribear, how does this stuff keep happening to you?