The Wonder of Wormholes

There are a lot of Solar systems in EVE, (latest count is over eleventy billion) and there are even more people populating them (latest census shows more than 9000). That’s a lot of combinations of people and places. Yet time and time again the butterfly effect seems to come into play. It would appear no matter where I go I always end up running into someone I know or ending up having to go to somewhere that has history for me.

I have gotten about a fair bit of the eve universe now in my 3 and a half years of playing, admittedly the first 3 months don’t count as I didn’t venture out of Rens, and the next 3 was spent between Lustrevik and Eldulf. Wow was Atlar a scary place back in those days. (I was of course deluded; I used to fly Caldari back then FFS).

Here is a map showing everywhere I have been,

Notice the vast blank spot in Amarr space, I really should sort that out at some point! Also a distinct emphasis on empire space although lately (past 6 months) I have been headed to nullsec roaming and more and more frequently been having fun with wormholes.

So let us talk about wormholes. I have learnt a lot about these capricious entities recently. As always is the way with anything in EVE it seems an encyclopedia of knowledge is required to comprehend them fully, I am probably at chapter 3 now and I won’t mention that all I did was look at the pretty pictures.

It seems there are several things to do in a wormhole some of these you can do in normal # space, but some actions and features are reserved exclusively to WH space.

  1. Sleeper sites
  2. Have a fight #
  3. Shoot a Pos #
  4. Find stuffz people have left behind #
  5. Take a shortcut
  6. Collapse them
  7. Get stuck in one
  8. Get deaded #
  9. No local
  10. No Stations #

Sleeper sites. ~ in MY wormhole!!!

They say in life you should try everything once, twice if you like it. I like to apply this philosophy to EVE, and I can tell you absolutely categorically without any shadow of a doubt I don’t like it. Yes the rats are ebil and it takes co-ordination and team work, but somehow calling primary on a rat never really did it for me, more fun was had from the geddon conga.

Come to think of it I just revised my philosophy. I can tell you now I don’t need to try incursions to know I am not going to like them and NO I am not scarred from my birthday roam stabber loss :P

Have a fight ~ like the monkey this can happen anywhere

Well I have not had a “proper” fight in a WH but I will recount the most interesting
 SUPRISE we are here to violence ur boat” moment to date.

Jack “Crafty is MINE” Dant had discovered a WH in Hedal which had a guy anchoring a pos in a Loki!!
 So Jack, Dee mofo Pee and I descended upon said vessel in an arty cane a devoter and a rapier respectively to do pewpew. The thing tanked like a beast and seemed to have an endless supply of drones. Whilst the endless battle ensued more corpies were logging on and we called for some back up
 DEE-PEE-SS. Also whilst spamming scanner a Navy Geddon kept appearing… this could get interesting, coupled with the fact that the Tower was still onlining and would kick us out of the shields in 10 minutes if we didn’t explodinate him.

Well we finally managed to kill him before our backup arrived and before the tower onlined, much to the disappointment of the backup crew, but not to worry as we went and found the Navy Geddon who was actually running a sleeper site the whole time. His tank didn’t fair so well.

  Take a shortcut ~ The best use for wormholes IMHO

Willem one of my oldest eve wing mates had a birthday at the beginning of May so much alcohol was secured, and thus a debate about where to roam so we could die gloriously was discussed. I had previously been probing for Wormholes and had discovered one in Can I have a banana. This led to Wicked creek and seemed a great place to jump through and roam back. This idea was inspired by a roam we had done a few days previously when we discovered a wormhole in Ennur which took us to Omist. We managed to roam from Omist to Atlar without losing a single ship grabbing a few kills on the way and having the worst loot drop in history. So we were psyched and spirits were good and flowing freely the gang quickly grew to a drunken rabble and off we set. Unfortunately the crafty Russians in wicked creek must had spied my alt earlier and thus found and collapsed the Wormhole (see point # 6) But we weren’t to be deterred, we would go pay them a visit anyways. Alas by the time we got there, there wasn’t anything to be seen, so we roamed till we found a fight perhaps a little further than we planned, but it was a fun fight anyway. The roam was made more awesome by Masty (cleanest teeth in eve) breaking his new headset and then myself and I'll be back jumping headfirst into a gatecamp All in all a very good night and a successful roam in Willem’s honour. Even if he was called primary  first ….
 It was like they knew!!

Also Will-I-Am Revolati best FC ever….

Warp, Jump on contact, DRINK, Align to outgate, warp, Jump on contact, DRINK…

Shoot a Pos AKA  finding stuffz people have left behind

   EVE may be huge with a massive population but it seems the more I play it the smaller it becomes.
Recently I found a few abandoned mods in a WH. The X ceo of this corp also my first kill in game and long since a resident of my public channel  was online at the time. I informed him of the situation and we both shared a chuckle or two at the irony.

Getting stuck in one

Well not so much stuck as waiting for the prober to log on however……

This tale starts on Saturday afternoon.
 I logged in after work and was informed there was a pos to kill bring a geddon and the wormhole entrance was in Hegfunden but this was about to collapse so had to go NOA. I was also aware there was a certain football match on that evening, thus meaning half the fleet would not be present or interested in doing anything until it had finished. This left me with a Dalai Lama.
 Option A Take the easy entrance to the wormhole and thus be stuck there unable to do anything until the game was over which was approximately 5-6 hrs away or...
 Option B Wait for the new entrance which like the monkey, could be anywhere, but giving me  more time to do MaTing. I chose option B. Soon the entrance in Heg collapsed and a new entrance was probed.

 I was informed like this. (names have been altered to protect alt identities)

[ 2011.05.28 17:53:19 ] ***** > new entrance is
[ 2011.05.28 17:53:21 ] *****> .......
[ 2011.05.28 17:53:25 ] *****> *drum roll*
[ 2011.05.28 17:53:30 ] Ariartus > lol
[ 2011.05.28 17:53:31 ] *****> tama
[ 2011.05.28 17:53:41 ] Ariartus > omfg
[ 2011.05.28 17:54:14 ] *****> assum right?

This was very much not assum for several reasons
  1. It was 23 jumps thru highsec  for my alt and 52 thru lowsec for myself
  2. It Was Tama FW hotspot and my old stomping ground with SnuffBox
  3. I was sure SnuffBox would be “Delighted” to see me again
  4. They knew who my alt was and was pretty sure he had gotten crossed off the blue list with the Christmas card

This seemed an omen of epic proportions it was like EVE herself was saying Aributts this is a VERY BAD plan don’t go here.

But we all know plans are overrated right J

So I made it to Tama not a Snuff in sight DISSAPOINT! Got into the wormhole and waited for everyone else to return from the football so our games could begin.

Eventually everyone returned and we were waiting for one guy who had yet to get into the wormhole. The Tama entrance was to a C3 WH the Pos we were going to shoot was in a C5 which linked from the C3. When the said personage had returned we warped to the C5 > C3 exit to find it had vanished. It hadn’t reached its lifespan so it had been collapsed, but by whom? A Russian buzzard had been spotted flitting around but what had he brought thru with him to make it collapse? This added an interesting element but the priority was to find the new entrance, all the while the Russian Buzzard was up to the same thing and we kept missing him as he too scuttled about.. A new C3 exit was found, the C3 had 3 more WH one to Geminate one to Curse and one to another C5.
It was decided to collapse this Asap and look for another.

Upon finding the new exit my alt jumped thru just in time to see the Russian buzzard I quickly jumped back and tried to catch him with my trusty battle helios. Unfortunately my 1 hero hobgoblin of DOOMS hadn’t quite finished eating thru his hull when his 2 friends in tengus appeared (mystery of collapsing WH solved). I quickly tried to regain the WH entrance and jump, but sadly for some reason that is probably discussed in chapter 4 of the wormhole encyclopedia it was not stable and I couldn’t jump thru and thus my alt had a quick ride home.

The Russian tengus didn’t seem to want to play, time was ticking on, it was decided that it was going to take too long to get our other fleet mate in also Winter was coming  so the pos bash began…..

At 3:30 am Eve time the pos owner showed up and manned his guns this was annoying but didn’t really pose us any threat. Infact it got rather tedious so an epic game of eyespy ensued. We were all stumped by the one beginning with S and tbh not still convinced there are shadows in wormholes but I digress. Things got slightly more interesting/tedious depending upon your perspective when the pos owner undocked from his maintenance array a carrier which must have contained the whole of jita because as fast as we knocked a module out he would anchor and online another, neuts, guns, ecm more guns hardeners on and on and on.

 I gave up at 5:30 I had to sleep and had a RL commitment at 9am.

I have been since told the rest carried on for another 2 hrs and apparently the guy never ran out of mods. I logged in my alt after dt and waited for the prober in the wh to log in so I could get out. This took till late in the afternoon but eventually I was rescued and delivered safely back to lowsec in PLACID!!!

 52 jumps home… FFS

So I have had varying degrees of success and failure in wormholes but all in all a great place to have fun, but don’t take my word for it go try it for yourself just don’t forget the prober!!