"jeeezus fucking christ! warp you fucking retards!"

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Ariartus’s annual birthday roam.
My name is Jo King and I will be your commentator for the evening.
What wonders will unfold as the night passes by and the alcohol starts to flow?
Will Aria be able to surpass last years event when she did the spectacular feat of warping 5 jumps thru highsec in her claymore only realising of course after the 4th jump. And who could forget the dramatic finale to last years roam where she fell asleep on the gate with GCC. What a spectacular finish that was.

Well as always the starting destination is Oddelulf and we can see some early guest arriving into the system. So far it appears to be a blast from Aria’s and Molden Heath’s past as Morel Nova and Triksterism arrive.
I can also see another person from Aria’s past arriving this guy used to be her ceo and he now resides in the infamous PL its Jalif, he must be feeling nostalgic being  back in Molden heath.
Ah I see we now have some WGOE arriving Dian Lung, Arcana Mortis,grabiellezen elongur and Laedy
And now we have some of the molden heath regulars from Boglyft .R4pe Tr4in and Twisted, aswell as some of Aria’s corp mates.
 Suleiman  Shouaa has been in system for a while and it is possible he could be attending also, he has flown with Ari a few times in the past. And wait yes I am seeing another X corp mate of Aria Lt Graham in a gila.
We now have some genos members in system and  I am picking up Macherials on D-Scan. I have visual and I can confirm we have Count MonteCarlo and Duncan Tanner piloting the Machariels. Well this is turning out to be quite an expensive fleet I also have now several cynabals on scan and also a panther too.

I have visual on Aria now and I can confirm she is flying a fleet stabber. The rumours of the ashimmu obviously unfounded or maybe she decided the shield fit was more appropriate for a gang of this nature as I can also now confirm we have scimitars on the field also.

This is looking to be a nice fleet, join us after the break when a destination should have been decided upon.

Welcome back, the fleet is currently hot tailing it to skarkon.

I am being informed PX-IHN is the first rendezvous. Not much happening here looks like they are now headed out to EOA-ZC.

The geminate entry systems seem very quiet and the gang is headed up to L-HV5C oh wait the navy caracal has gone ahead this can’t end well for him.
Looks like we have a few neutrals in system here a few demon hunters and it looks like they are running from the gang. Looks like the gang managed to catch a few ships but the gang is now headed back out to empire there doesn’t appear to be much going on in Geminate tonight.

We are now back in EOA and there appears to be a nasty gang on the Akkio gate Zealot heavy with guardian support. This gang is a perfect counter for the birthday roam party but I am getting reports that Fc is asking the gang to x up if they are willing to suicide against this gang.

[ 2011.03.06 22:38:24 ] Lt Graham > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:26 ] Ryuichi > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:26 ] Migrond Aramath > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:27 ] Ariartus > X
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:27 ] 00Teabagger > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:28 ] ImmortalisMyst > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:29 ] Triksterism > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:30 ] Albback > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:30 ] Arcana Mortis > meh x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:31 ] inspector burnside > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:31 ] Zen Elongur > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:32 ] Krole > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:32 ] Vasavia > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:33 ] Thorasine > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:33 ] CraftyCroc > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:33 ] Duncan Tanner > hardcore
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:35 ] Dian Lung > y :P
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:36 ] phantom ghost > xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:37 ] Suleiman Shouaa > x
[ 2011.03.06 22:38:47 ] G3ntle > xc]
[ 2011.03.06 22:39:13 ] ramquist > x crusader

 OMG the consensus appears to be unanimous, they are going in!!!!!!!!

Well this cannot end well for the gang, I can see them warping into range and out again are they going to make a break for it ? NO they are engaging, well this is a heroic act but they are taking heavy losses. I see the remaining ships making a break for it (Military experts are calling this GTFO) and jumping to Akkio.
 Well that really was suicide however I hear on coms the spirits are still high or flowing freely one of the two.

Looks like they are splitting up some are headed off as the EU TZ comes to an end the rest look as though they are headed back to Molden heath, and we have a newcomer to the gang. The birthday girl is still alive in her vintage fleet stabber which I understand was a leaving present from an old Corp mate Oodin. He certainly would be smiling if he was here tonight.

Looks like they are flying back the lowsec route down into metropolis and oh an unlucky day for the hauler and blackbird as their paths cross.

Ok everyone is safely back to molden heath and looks like Aria is opening the second bottle of wine!!!!! Join us after the break.

Welcome back. The gang has shifted around slightly some people have reshipped and another new gang member has joined. I believe they are now headed down to Great wildlands to be joined by one Wensley on the way.

Oh and what is this they have intercepted a loki  on a gate in Bosena he really should have warped faster.
The gang are turning round it appears reports of a missioning Abaddon in Atlar are coming in, poor guy he isn’t going to last long.

New destination has been set they are headed down to  EO2-IK wonder what they are going to find there? Oh and it looks like Sard Caid and Hurome have now also joined the gang.

The route to great wildlands seems quiet but coms certainly aren’t as Aria seems amused but disgusted with Shtang’s birthday offering. Now in EO2 another ship intercepted and soon Aria gets her chance to show exactly how much she likes Drakes.

The gang are planning to head back to Empire again but what’s this? An incursion has been spotted! this gang is no match for the Sansha, but wait... what is Aria doing? She is jumping after a Blackbird this can’t go well, as far as I know she doesn’t even have Sansha rats on her overview, in her current state this can’t end well.

I guess that was a comedic end to the vintage fleet stabber and Aria seems to be highly amused after overcoming her initial confusion as to how she could be loosing shields and pointed when nothing was showing on her overview. Oh well back to molden heath to reship and head out to AMAMAKE?

Aria can’t seriously be thinking of flying her hurricane thru highsec? Oh wait no Sard is telling her to eject Dian will fly her cane thru highsec and oh my a loki has just jumped into system will Aria board the jag in time? Or will the loki pod her? Wait what is she doing Aria is actually bumping the loki with her pod, this cannot be a deliberate act surely? Oh wait she is now in the jag and the loki has fled and it looks like Aria has decided to go and get coffee…….. LOTS of coffee.

As you rejoin us as the gang are now in amamake after roaming the surrounding systems and looks like they are headed to the top belt as a vagabond has been spotted.

Gang are looking like they are headed to engage but Aria is still 50km away, more ships are landing huggin rapier and a hurricane Aria should really GTFO as this gang will make short work of her hurricane and the few remaining frigs accompanying her.

OH NOES it looks like she has de-synched. She is trying to warp but nothing is happening.  Looks like she is not going to have to make that trip home thru highsec after all.

Well there we have it, a fitting end to a birthday roam not without its comedy moments.

 Op deemed a success.

I would personally like to thank EVERYONE who turned up to fly with me.

Special thanks To Garmon  and Sulieman for Fcing.

Thank you to all the ladies who got me lovely shiny presents. 

I couldn’t entirely write this blog from my own perspective as after we returned to molden heath the first time, the wine had totally kicked in and I had to talk to a few people to recapture the account, so... if I have omitted anything or if events are not exactly as happened I apologise.