GIRL POWER ~ AKA Women Gamers Of Eve

Hello ladies,
Look at your channel now back to me,
Now back at your channel now back to me.
Sadly, that channel isn’t me,
But if you stopped only using your corp and alliance channels and added me, you could be part of WGOE.
Look down, back up where are you?
You are in a channel with women, female gamers just like you.
What’s in your hand, back at me. It’s a mouse clicking on joining the WGOE channel,
Look again, the mouse is now a keyboard.
Anything is possible when you hang out in the WGOE channel.
I’m in a spaceship.

This is a shout out to all female players of EvE.

Females are very much in the minority in regards to the population of this game. The WGOE channel is a female only channel and a haven for all women flying in this very male dominated game.

In the WGOE channel you will encounter :

 No smack talk
 No trolling
 No backstabbing
 No politics
 No egos

Women gamers encompass every aspect of eve from miners to pirates, industrialists to large nullsec alliances, there isn't an area of the game that isn't represented.

WGOE support the career choice of any female player, we do not discriminate or have a preference for your style of play. 

The WGOE channel is THE channel 
for the Female community of EvE.

If you are a female eve player please join, or if you know of a female eve player please recommend this channel to her.

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me in game.
 or drop a mail to the channel administrator Laedy
or simply join the WGOE public channel.

The channel has its own wikki page 

Here is a quick video by Mintchip to tell you more. 

 Look forward to seeing you in channel :)

 For all men who want a
 MEN ONLY channel 
there already is one.
 It's called LOCAL.