Hello again capsuleers and welcome to book club. Tonight we will be running down the list of New Eden's best seller list complete with short reviews for your perusal and enjoyment.


 In at number 5 moving up 12 places from last week is the enjoyable tale of how a lonesome mission runner was brutally murdered by pirates in lowsec. This heartbreaking tale reaches a dramatic climax when the brave pilot returns to his mission after being shot down to only have the same atrocities inflicted upon him. This book is a must for all carebears willing to die for their cause.

At number 4 this week we find a most informative manual writen by a duo that have tried every gun combo in new eden.

 If you like to pew this book is for you!!

The number 3 slot this week is taken by another dualistic double act. This book covers the art of tanking and carefully explains that more is generally less. The book subtley avoids the usual brutality of pvp and instead focuses on the practicality of making yourself tank for EVAH!!!

No change in the number two slot as one New Eden's most prolific author holds just off the top spot with his smash hit best seller "The art of scouting".
 This is the long awaited follow up to "Props to you" the definitive afterburner handbook. This book will surely become an all time classic and is an absolute must for any covert ops pilot.

And finally.........

The book that everyone is talking about.
The page turner than no one can put down. The new carebear bible. Selling over 14 copies this week alone. It is the ultimate mining experience.  READ IT AND BELIEVE IT!!

Next month we will be reviewing two new books more in depth so tune in for the low down on:

The Swiss army knife approach to fitting - Allan Sundry
Caught in a cyclone - Mel Strom

N.B. Special Thanks to The C0lonel for his help with this blog.