“You’re a bad mother Ari!”

I hear this repeatedly from my CEO and long time eve friend Sard Caid (EON Famous).

I have been in my corp now for almost 4 months. I have flown with Sard many, many times prior to joining the corp, the frequency of our fleets now significantly increased thus allowing each of us to get more acquainted with how we both fly.
 As time has passed Sard has bestowed many nicknames and observations upon me, but one that constantly sticks, is his insistence I have an atrocious lack of parenting skills.

Why does Sard insist I am a bad mother?

Drones, lots of drones, lots and lots and lots of drones.

 I rarely remember to recall them.

 I certainly will never go back to retrieve them.

 I will not think twice before launching them when fighting on a gate, knowing their lifespan will be cut very short as the sentry guns cycle through them hopefully buying  my hull the precious time needed to kill my prey.

Some people in eve are very sentimental about their drones.
Tales of hero hobgoblins     "taking one for the team"    abound aplenty.
 CCP were wise in my opinion not allowing us to name our drones, making it too personal, and getting us too attached.
Turning “OH NOES my Ogre II” into, “Can we please have a minute silence for Jeoff.”

So recently I have tried making good against these allegations, and set out one night determined to return back not only with my ship in tact, but also ALL my drones.

Of cause we all know plans in EVE are horrendously overrated.

So there was myself in my shield rupture and 2 other intrepid daring dooers.

One in a rifter the other an incursus, the plan to roam from Atlar  to Evati or thereabouts.

We hadn’t got far when a Loki was spotted in Tabbetzur. Migrond quickly deduced he was running a cosmic anomaly. Taking on a T3 cruiser with 2 frigs and a cruiser would be a challenge but not impossible and seemed like it could be great fun to try. There was a hurricane also on scan but it was not with the Loki and a quick scout of the few pilots in local it seemed unlikely they were together.

Migrond went in for the hero tackle leaving me and Sulieman on the ennur gate waiting to hear the magic words on coms.

 “Point warp to me,” 

We didn’t have to wait long.
I arrived and engaged ploughing quite nicely through the Loki pilot’s shields.

Then the hurricane arrived.
 I carefully adjusted my range sent my faithful drones after the cane so Miggy’s rifter which was quickly hitting structure could try and get out. Of course the cane pilot wanted the loki spoils too and between us all we made quick work of him.

He then turned his attention to me. I was at a range just outside of his point aligned to the sun, he started burning towards me from his speed it was apparent this was a shield cane and as his 425s started pounding into my shields, I quickly realised my best course of action was to flee the scene.

But my drones!!!

 I was determined I was taking them with me, Sard would NOT be calling me a bad mother tonight. I anxiously watched my drone overview returning… returning… returning.

To late!! The cane had me pointed and his guns still battered me. I overloaded my MWD but he kept me pointed and well pretty soon it was all over. I warped my pod out.

My drones dropped in the wreck I hope they liked their new owner, I hope he takes good care of them and lavishes them with the wealth he gained from the Loki wreck.

From that moment forth I vowed never to risk myself again for the sake of my drones, and thus I will wear with pride my badge of BAD Mother.

N.B.  No Drones were harmed during the making of this Blog.