Its All About the Shoes Baby


My name is Ariartus, I have been playing eve for almost 3 years now.
This is my first blog, however I thought I should start  one as almost every other member of my corp has one and I feel like I am letting the side down.

There is so much to tell, I am not sure where to begin. So I guess I will start with my early days and we will work on from there. 

My first goal in EvE

I have always been a sci-fi fan and held a passionate fascination for the stars. Subsequently when a friend told me about EvE I couldn’t wait to jump into my internet space ship and go pew pew.

 Although then I simply referred to it as “blowing shit up” (I had yet to learn the pew pew colloquialism).

Well as it turned out it wasn’t exactly that simple…. ( first  9 months ) undocking in my first internet spaceship (wow I thought my reaper looked fugly) I actually thought it was cool!

 Not only did it come with a gun it also came with a mining laser (which incidentally was going to make me stinking rich!!!!)    

 Oh what delusions…

I had the grand total of 5k isk what new shiny thing could that buy me?

 I scoured the market and found “my precious” The Stiletto.

I quickly realised a small problem, this dazzling piece of sparkly was going to cost me over 12 million!!!!!!

 But none the less it gave me something to work towards and thus obtaining a stiletto became my first goal in eve.

Why did I want a stiletto?

Because it was an awesome tackle ship?

 I knew nothing of this concept, in fact the word tackle evoked entirely different connotations in my mind.

Because it was capable of incredible speeds?

 I actually thought my reaper was pretty darn fast in my blissful n00bish ignorance.

The reason I set my sights on a stiletto was simple …..

It was the only shoe related item in the game.

 That was enough justification for my female brain and I suppose it’s almost kind of pink too.
 (Well it looked pink in the picture.).

Any how moving swiftly along….

 My fascination didn’t last long when I discovered it was going to take me a whopping 49 days to train for it. I had no notion I would still be playing the game 3 years on, so short was my vision; so naive in the estimation how much the game was going to take over and occupy so much of my time.

Long story short I can now fly the stiletto but I never do.

Incidentally I never mined past the tutorial and for the last 2 years been a full blown pirate sec status -10. You can usually find me in space in my hurricane.

Why the hurricane one might ask?  The answer is simple…..

It’s very effective at blowing shit up”.